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     Season opens: November 14, 2020     Season closes: March 27, 2021

    8am – 4pm

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You don’t have to be a member to hunt at Guns & Roosters Hunting Preserve

 Day Hunt

  Adult price $140 (3 birds released per hunter)                                                    

 Junior price (under 16 yrs) $75 with a paid adult (3 birds released per hunter)

  Super Hunt

                    (3 pheasants and 3 chukars released per hunter) $180

                           Or ( 5 pheasants released per hunter) $180      

     No bag limit!!! Shoot as many as you can find, at no extra charge.

 For those who don’t have dogs…..We will provide you with a dog & handler at no charge. The only thing is the handlers work on a gratuity basis. We need at least 1 week notice for the dog handler.



Price List & Membership info — 91 Comments

  1. What is the advantage of Membership and a bird card? It seems the cost per bird is less with the day hunt option.

  2. An advantage to being a member is it enables you to purchase bird cards. The cost is a little higher per bird, but as a member you get a $20 discount on our big hunts in the Spring which we call “Shootouts”. Another benefit is we have a Long Tail feather contest for the members only and we give away a shotgun to the member who shot the longest tail feather.

  3. As a member with a bird card, you can have guests hunt using birds off your card. For those who are nonmembers, hunters under 16 yrs old are charged $70 with a paid adult hunt.

  4. As a member with a bird card, you can have guests hunt using birds off your card. For those who are nonmembers, hunters under 16 yrs old are charged $70 with a paid adult hunt.

  5. What do you mean by no bag limit and shoot as many as you can ? Is it for pheasants or chukars ?

  6. You only pay for the birds released. You are not charged for birds harvested over what you had released.

  7. If I become a member and buy 20 birds. How does that work? I want to bring a friend and I only want to hunt a couple of birds each. How does that work?

  8. On a bird card, the card is only punched for the number of birds released. So if you want 2 birds each for 2 hunters, then your card would be punched for 4 birds that day. Bird Cards must be used up each year by the end of February and can’t be carried forward to the next season.

  9. I am interested to try bird hunting. Does it have to be a 12 gauge shotgun or a 20 gauge will do? I don’t have a shotgun yet so any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  10. You don’t need to have a 12 guage, many people use a 20 guage. I comes down to personal preference. Usually the 20 gauge is a little lighter to carry.

  11. We don’t rent guns. Dogs and handlers are available on a tip basis. Reservations are required

  12. very interested I will be sending in my application and payment for club membership. Question that I have is do you guys put on a hunter safety course for beginner hunters such as my 9 year old son that loves going out with me hunting. Thank you

  13. We don’t offer hunter safety classes. The Visalia Sportsmen’s Association does them during the summer. You might check with Herb Bauer’s in Fresno.

  14. If I purchase a membership plus bird car, does that include a “super hunt”? Or just released pheasant?

  15. hello i would like to and hunt your club how much in should we call for the hunt advance

  16. Is there a minimum group requirement for a hunt and do you recommend the use of a dog?

  17. Minimum group size is 2 hunters. Dogs are required. For those who don’t have a dog, we will provide you a dog & handler at no charge. Just tip the handler at least $30 per hunter. 1 week notice required.

  18. Do you offer guides and dogs? I am interested in an upland hunt, but don’t have my own dog.

  19. We do provide dogs and handlers. They are available on a reservation and gratuity basis. We require there be a minimum of at least 2 hunters in a group for the handler.

  20. There is a Holiday Inn Express and few other chains in Porterville. There is a Super 8 Motel in Lindsay which is about 7-10 miles away. They allow dogs in the rooms.

  21. I will allow single hunters provided you have your own dog. I require there be at least 2 hunters if a dog handler is needed.

  22. If u buy the super hunt is that a no limit hunt after u shoot ur five or is that for pheasants only

  23. All of our hunts have no bag limit, you can shoot as many birds as you can find. That being said, don’t think you’re going to shoot until your shoulder falls off. This is hunting and not like shooting fish in a barrel. Our birds are like wild.

  24. Yes you can. Just make a reservation in advance. This weekend 2/18/17 it will be too muddy to pull a trailer into the grounds.

  25. If you participate in a weekend hunt, that is 3 pheasants, with no bag limit, are you allowed to come out of the fields to have some lunch and give the dog a break, then go back out?

  26. Is the “no bag limit” only for the super hunt and not the day hunt?

    Also, if I am not shooting and only accompanying my father do I have to pay?

  27. There is never any bag limit on any of the hunts, but don’t go out expecting to shoot until your shoulder falls off. This is hunting and not like shooting fish in a barrel. There is no charge for observers.

  28. I like to make a reservation to go hunt .
    A super hunt would be interesting to me.
    November After 15 I could be available to 30.
    Also what is the cost to have Dog for rented?.
    Thank you

  29. I returned you phone call. I require there be at least 2 hunters if a dog & handler are needed. No charge for the dog & handler just tip them. A recommended starting tip is $30 per hunter. We hunt Friday thru Monday. Reservations are required.

  30. Wondering what the timeline is for a 3 pheasant release, day hunt? As in, 4 hours, 6 hours? Or does it go by hours?

  31. Sure….non-hunters are always welcome to walk with the hunters as long as they have on something blaze orange.

  32. No bag limit? Is that with purchasing a certain amount up front then any additional birds tallied up and paid for at the end?

  33. No bag limit means no additional charge for any extra birds you bag. As an example… If you do a Day Hunt (3 pheasants released) and you take home 4 birds, there is no additional charge.

  34. I’m interested in setting up the pheasant hunt for my husband for a Christmas present. He has a shot gun, I can get him the orange vest. I just have no idea what all this entails. Would I have to set the date up now?

  35. If I purchased a super hunt can I have another shooter or does that second shooter have to purchase his own hunt?

  36. Does becoming a member require purchase of a Bird Card? If not, can a member still hunt fields that are not in use and try to pick up birds that were not harvested?

  37. You can buy a membership and not buy a bird card. Every hunter has to buy a hunt or use their bird card. No hunting is allowed without putting birds out.

  38. 3 of us are interested in hunting. Do we start out with a designated field? How does it work so that you keep groups seperate? Also interested in all or mostly chukar. Is it possible to specify what birds are planted? Thanks

  39. Each group is assigned a separate hunting area. If we have chukars still available you can request them.

  40. Is a current hunting license with upland stamp required or just a current license. Thanks

  41. Current hunting license with Upland Bird stamp required. No stamp needed for a Junior hunter. Also non-lead shot is a requirement.

  42. Yes you still pay the daily hunt fee. Unless you buy a bird card, the you hunt off the card. Just FYI….you don’t need to be a member to hunt with us. Most of our hunters are what we call day shooters.

  43. It’s dec 22, 2020. You folks still OPEN nOW for biz ?

    Like to come Dec 28th &29th, 2020. 2 hunters with 2 dogs. My daughter is an adult. Think she had hunter safety at 12 to 15 years old ?? Does SHE need a hunting license to hunt there ?

    If she does NOT qualify, can she join as an OBSERVER only, with NO gun ?? Please call me asap; thanks.

    Cell (949) 633-8331

  44. Just want to make sure your still collecting memberships for the 2021-2022 upland bird season. Can you please verify with me?

  45. My dog is 7 months old. Limited training. If I come alone with her will I be able to hunt alone? I hate to interfere with other hunters who have mature bird dogs.

  46. What if your area don’t produce good amount of bird, can I ask if I can hunt the other spots? I don’t want to walk for miles just for like 2-3 birds.

  47. This isn’t like the Wildlife area by Lake Success. The amount of birds you ask to be released is that amount of birds stocked into your area. You can also check with me and I’ll let you know what areas might be available.

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