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     Season opens: November 12, 2022     Season closes: March 24, 2023

    8am – 4pm

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You don’t have to be a member to hunt at Guns & Roosters Hunting Preserve

 Day Hunt

  Adult price $150 (3 birds released per hunter)                                                    

 Junior price (under 16 yrs) $75 with a paid adult (3 birds released per hunter)

  Super Hunt

                    (3 pheasants and 3 chukars released per hunter) $200

                           Or ( 5 pheasants released per hunter) $200      

     No bag limit!!! Shoot as many as you can find, at no extra charge.

 For those who don’t have dogs…..We will provide you with a dog & handler at no charge. The only thing is the handlers work on a gratuity basis. We need at least 1 week notice for the dog handler.



Price List & Membership info — 10 Comments

  1. My dog is 7 months old. Limited training. If I come alone with her will I be able to hunt alone? I hate to interfere with other hunters who have mature bird dogs.

  2. What if your area don’t produce good amount of bird, can I ask if I can hunt the other spots? I don’t want to walk for miles just for like 2-3 birds.

  3. This isn’t like the Wildlife area by Lake Success. The amount of birds you ask to be released is that amount of birds stocked into your area. You can also check with me and I’ll let you know what areas might be available.

  4. My name is Rudy I spoke to you a while back just wanted to see if it’s almost time for us to check in and reserve our spots my dogs will be ready in July for hunting I got two German shorthair pointer‘s so if you could please contact me at 818-220- 8405 this is my first timeOut hunting with my dogs thanks for your help

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