Guns & Roosters Hunting Preserve

Unless you have a current reservation or a Bird Card.

We are completely booked for the remainder of the season.


Hunt pheasants & chukars at GUNS & ROOSTERS HUNTING PRESERVE once, and you’ll return to hunt again and again. A place “Where the Valley Sportsmen Call Home”. California pheasant hunting at it’s finest since 1991, making us one of central California’s oldest pheasant hunting clubs.

GUNS & ROOSTERS HUNTING PRESERVE is very particular in selecting the pheasants we release. They must meet very strict specifications to be released at our pheasant club. If they don’t, then they are sold to another pheasant hunting club. We release only the most explosive, hard flying, full feathered and long tailed pheasants available.

GUNS & ROOSTERS HUNTING PRESERVE releases pheasants and chukars from November thru March each year. Many of these pheasants and chukars remain on the preserve to propagate. At the GUNS & ROOSTERS HUNTING PRESERVE there is no standing in line waiting to hunt. We allow only a certain number of hunters on the preserve each day. With over 2000 acres of premium habitat for pheasants, there is plenty of area for hunting.

The 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed”


Season Opens: November 13, 2021            Season Closes: March 26, 2022

We’re Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday



To contact us:

Phone 559-798-1966

Fax 559-798-1966


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Guns & Roosters Hunting Preserve — 70 Comments

  1. Dave, I had a great time, thank you. Great location and great experience. I will definitely return next year. Take Care, Jeeter

  2. Had a great time today. My boy Mitchel downed his first pheasant. Great job Dave. Hope to be down again soon. Mike

  3. Mike I’m glad you both had a great time. I’m sure he will remember shooting his first pheasant for a long time!

  4. 3 birds per hunter are guaranteed to be in your field when you start. I can’t guarantee your shoot ability.

  5. I recently went on my first hunt at Guns & Roosters, I have two things to say: excellent hunt and they have a membership sold. Bossman Dave was great and the volunteer dog handler (Nick) and his dogs Jet & Pearl were amazing. I took my kid hunting birds for the first time & I couldn’t have picked a better place. The real estate is nice, club members are incredibly welcoming and the birds flush hard & fast.

  6. Gary thank you for the recommendation. We try very hard to make sure every hunt is an enjoyable experience. I will pass along the kind words to Nick.

  7. Im interested to come do some hunting there. Are reservations hunts only according to calender event dates or could i make a reservation whenever?

  8. We hunt Friday thru Monday. The coming events are special hunts we have during the season. You can make a reservation any Friday thru Monday

  9. All you need to do is click on the pricelist tab. We start taking reservation on Nov 1st.

  10. Maybe I am missing something here but I don’t see a place on your website for placing a reservation. I want to reserve 6 hunters for December 29th with a dog & guide for us to hunt Pheasant and chukkar. If I need to pay something in advance, please let me know, again I don’t see anywhere to pay or reserve online. Thank you

  11. If I purchase a super hunt but have another shooter with myself is that ok or does the second shooter need to purchase birds as well?

  12. Each hunter must purchase a hunt. It doesn’t need to be the same type of hunt, just a hunt.

  13. Thank you for your question. We don’t have any facilities for target shooting. We only shoot pheasants & chukars.

  14. Wondering when I make reservations on November 1st do we pay when we get there on hunting day or do we mail money in advance?

  15. You would use the Directions on my Directions page. The hunting area is located near Porterville California

  16. We don’t have a newsletter, but I do email announcements periodically. I can add you to the data base if you like.

  17. Do you know of any bird dog trainers. I have a 4 month old pup and would like to start her on upland game birds as soon as possible.

  18. Thank you Dave Hamilton for the great hunting! My friends had a great time, and special Thanks to Brad with his dogs that worked beautiful. Will see you next year.

  19. I would recommend Brad Smith at Moonshine Kennels. Send me an email and I will give you his number.

  20. Dave thanks again for a great hunt yesterday now my wife wants to start going more and now’s the value of a good dog can’t wait till next year and thanks again

  21. Great place to hunt. Folks very personable.
    If you want to train a dog, there is plenty of room for that and Dave will sell you the birds for that purpose.
    When field trials take place, there is usually a PotLuck Dinner and folks stay over night in their trailers. Bring water for yourself and dogs. Portable Potties are provided.

  22. Do you know of any guides that would be willing to teach my two grown sons (31 & 33 yrs old) how to hunt? We’ve fished/camped the High Sierras for years and now they want to learn how to hunt including processing and all the proper hunting etiquette. I’d like to purchase a hunt for them as a Christmas gift.

  23. The first thing they would need to do is pass the hunter safety class so they can get a hunting license.

  24. Dave was very friendly and professional. Will definitely return back next year.. we had a great time!!

  25. All I can say is I’m very pleased with the experience and making mew memories with my puppy and father. Dog handler Noah did an amazing job and even helped give pointers on training my upcoming hunting dog. Dave is a great guy and will ensure you get a great hunt. Over all an amazing hunt. Would recommend to anyone from the first time hunter to the most experienced! Will more than likely be purchasing a membership for the following season.

  26. If you’re considering Guns & Roosters – DO IT !! Dave set myself and my son up with Nick & his amazing dogs a few seasons ago. They are absolutely top notch. Until I hunted with him, I had only hunted wild birds for about 20 years. I had went on ONE “private” pheasant hunt before and was skeptical. Dave, Nick & Guns-Roosters proved me wrong. Excellent birds, excellent guys & great hunting.

  27. need info on your pheasant hunting for 2021 season and cost!! please email me info! thanks

  28. Interested in a two day hunt 2nd week in January for three! Can we rent guide and dog? Fees? Membership required?

  29. I would like to reserve a Super hunt for 2 hunters on November 14th. Also I would like to reserve a dog as well.

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