Bird Dog Memories

 In Loving Memory of D.D.

In Loving Memory of NAGDA Hall of Fame Inductee D.D. 1/25/2010

In Loving Memory of NAGDA Hall of Fame Inductee D.D. 1/25/2010

NAGDA Nationals Accomplishments:

2011 NAGDA Hall of Fame Inductee
2005 Open Pointing National Champion
2006 Doubles National Runner-up
2007 Doubles 5th Nationally
2009 Open Pointing 3rd Nationally
2010 qualified for the Nationals. Passed away 1-25-10
At the National Qualifing level she had 10 wins, 8 second places & 8 third place finishes

Non-NAGDA Accomplishments:
2002 Western States Pointing Champion
2008 BDC Major Masters Champion
2009 BDC Major Masters 2nd
She had 3 ACL knee surgeries and 2 battles with cancer.


NAGDA Nationals 09 008Nationals (292)  NAGDA Nationals 09 011


In Loving Memory of KK


2018 NAGDA Hall of Fame Inductee

2008 NAGDA Doubles National 6th
2011 Chukar Classic Open Pointing 1st        2011 NAGDA Doubles National 5th
2012 NAGDA Open Pointing National 5th       2016 NAGDA open Pointing National 6th
2016 NAGDA 1st Day High Score       2017 NAGDA Amateur Pointing National 4th
2018 NAGDA Senior Dog National Runner-up






In Loving Memory of Annie

Annie on point

In Loving Memory of K.T.

In Loving Memory of K.T. 7/15/2002

In Loving Memory of









KT 5KT 3KT 4

In Loving Memory of Pennie

In Loving Memory of Pennie 12/2/2003

In Loving Memory of










Pennie2PenniePennie 4





A Bird Dog’s Prayer

I thank thee oh Lord, for the waters, and fields wherein lie the same birds I love to hunt. I thank thee also for the men who protect and preserve wildlife in all its forms so that future generations will have the healthful pleasures of hunting.

My master means more than life or death to me, and I pray for intelligence, ability and strength to understand and execute his commands and desires.

May our companionship lead to complete understanding so that our moments together will be the happiest of all. Help my master to comprehend that I will gladly give my life for him, be he millionaire or pauper. His love and confidence are all I ask. I beseech you to guide him and protect him from thoughts, deeds or actions which will disturb the faith of others in him.

The wag of my tail indicates the feelings of my heart and no blows, deprivation or hunger will ever keep me from being happy when I hear my master’s voice or footsteps. When the curtain of death are about to close my active life, I pray thee oh God, that my master be near, his hand caressing my head as my eyelids close.


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